Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless Service & Cell Phones, Mobile Broadband Connections & Accessories.

Acknowledging the ever-increasing important role that cell phones play in our personal and business lives, our friendly and courteous staff are here to help with questions you may have regarding your new or existing cell phones. We see constant changes and new technology and our aim is to become the advisor you may need. We strive to provide a complete and comprehensive service that allows you to walk out the door with everything set up the way you need it.

Thinking about upgrading to that new smartphone? We’ll make sure you know the ins and outs before you purchase. Wondering if you can get your email on it? Your calendar? Your contacts? Want to learn about our broadband devices? We make every attempt to get you the cellphone that meets your individual needs. With over 50 years of computer and technical know-how, if one of us cannot answer your question, we can find the one who can.

All on America’s Most Reliable Network – Verizon Wireless!

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