You don’t have to put on a mask to combat this virus, explain why you accidentally coughed in public or continuously wash your hands until they are so dry not even your favorite lotion will help you. Thankfully this is not another article about COVID 19. This article may not be about the virus your thinking of, but it is about a virus that can be detrimental to your business, a virus that can wreak havoc when you least expect it. We are talking about a computer virus.

The cited that ” New data breaches surged by 424% last year, fueled by hackers targeting more small businesses. This trend is forcing many companies and institutions to reexamine their approach to data security”

Computer Network Viruses aren’t the only security and data loss threatening problem either. Spyware, Data Theft, Phishing Attacks, and Unpatched Devices are some of the other business threatening problems to consider.

Wondering what the consequences of a security attack on a small business might be? Sam Bocetta, Contributor, CSO stated that “The National Cyber Security Alliance has recently released statistics that show 20% of small businesses experience such an attack every year, and that 60% of these businesses were forced to close within 6 months of being hacked.”

So how can you prepare your business for a computer virus, security, or data loss attack? If you already have antivirus software in place, make sure it is updated so that it can combat against new viruses. If you do not have antivirus in place there are many antivirus solutions available for your business. At Lakes Region Computer, we offer Managed Antivirus as well as an even higher level of security called Managed EDR.

We understand that finding the right antivirus software for your company can be overwhelming. Let us know if we can help you with these decisions so you can stay busy focused on what you want to be focused on: growing your business.  If you have questions on our Managed Antivirus solution or Managed EDR  you can email Tom Sawyer at to get more information.