Products that work for you.

Apple Computers

Lakes Region Computer is an authorized Apple Reseller and we stock the newest and greatest Apple products. Why buy a computer online when you can come to our store, see it in person and walk out with it today? Our expert sales associates can help you pick out the perfect Apple computer to fit your needs. If you want something specific, we can help you customize and order your Apple computer and have it quickly shipped straight to our store. Plus we are also certified to service Apple Computers in store so should anything go wrong, we have you covered.


Acknowledging the ever-increasing important role that cell phones play in our personal and business lives, our friendly and courteous staff are here to help with questions you may have regarding your new or existing cell phones. We see constant changes and new technology and our aim is to become the advisor you may need. We strive to provide a complete and comprehensive service that allows you to walk out the door with everything set up the way you need it.

Lenovo Laptops

At Lakes Region Computer we keep a range of popular Lenovo ThinkPads in stock. For more specific needs we can help you specify a Lenovo computer and order your custom configuration for pick up at a later date. If you have very specific needs then we can custom build and install a desktop, laptop or server to optimize your environment.

iPads & Tablets

Pick up the latest technology – and keep it right at your fingertips! Portability is key for the modern world. We understand the importance of having your information with you while you are out and about. For this reason, we carry the latest tablets and their accessories; to keep you going on the go! The fundamental elements of iPad — the display, the processor, the cameras, the wireless connection — all work together to create the best possible experience, making iPad capable of so much more than you ever imagined. In a word, extraordinary.



Apple TV is the future of television. You already use applications to watch TV on your cell phones and tablets. With Apple TV, you choose exactly what you want to watch and when. With tvOS, you can interact with your TV in ways you never thought possible. Ask Siri to find your favorite TV show, or turn your living room into a game room with new games available on your Apple TV! This is where television is headed. Lakes Region Computer carries all the new Apple iPods. Enjoy your music, movies, and pictures in incredible quality right in the palm of your hand. With the new Apple iPod Touch you can also record video in HD, surf the internet and download from Apple’s amazing app store.